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In the artworks of Nilhan Sesalan, we witness a constant effort to perceive everything as ‘it is’, along with interpretations of references from archaeology, architecture, literature and nature at the level of a daily life that gradually becomes more indirect.


A deep historical-cultural accumulation underlies the past of her works, associations and stress underlie their present, and an eternal inference and tranquillity mark their future.


In her hands, the themes which range from the human life to the mysteries and chaos of nature transform into the tranquillity of endless associations of an artwork that owns its own freedom; like a dervish who whispers rich, deep, confident and grand thoughts.


Observing Sesalan’s artworks which are displayed in various collections, parks and museums, it can be said that she is one of the representatives of lyrical abstraction.

Ekran Resmi 2018-12-03 00.55.44.png

2017 Founder of Tesisart Artist Initiative

b.1968 / Istanbul, Turkey



1996  Master of Art Degree, Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture, Istanbul, Turkey

1991  BA, Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture, Istanbul, Turkey

Solo Exhibitions

2020 Farah Faza, Evliyagil Dolapdere, Istanbul Turkey

2017  Midnight in Istanbul, Art On İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

2016  Atelier, Uniq Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2013  Full of Words II, Narart Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2010  Full of Words, Galatea Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2008  Sweet Dreams, Dolmabahçe Palace Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2005  Polen Age, Artisan Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2004  Leaf Trees, Elne, France

1998  Visual Centre, Oulu, Finland

Group Exhibitions

2022- ‘Burden’ with Oddyseas Tousinidis, Giorgos Taksidis, 4’th Istanbul Triennale

2022-2021 Stones Under the Green Shadow, India

2021  4x4 Tesis Art, İstanbul, Turkey

2020  Akaretler Art Week,Merkür Gallery,İstanbul

2019  Tesis Art, Istanbul , Turkey

2019  Evliyagil Dolapdere Gallery,Istanbul,Turkey

2019  ‘Together’, Gallery Kunst Schaefer, Germany

2018  99 Square, Arton Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2016  Biennale Arte Dolomiti, Italy

2014  Small is Beautiful, KUAD Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2012  Terrace Exhibitions, Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art, Istanbul, Turkey

2009  Classic, Daire Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

1998  Women’s Library, Istanbul, Turkey

1997  Elhamra Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

1997  The Other, Contemporary arts exhibition, Antrepo, Istanbul, Turkey

1991  Group Exhibition, Kassel, Germany


Art Fair Participation

2023  Contemporary İstanbul, Krank Art Gallery İstanbul, Turkey

2018  Istanbul Art Fair, Asfalt Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2018  Contemporary Istanbul, Art On Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

2017  Contemporary İstanbul, Art On İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

2016  Contemporary İstanbul, Art On İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

2015  Contemporary Istanbul, Kuad Gallery,Istanbul, Turkey



2019 Monument for Homeland, stone and bronze, Bursa, Turkey

2019 Monument for Migration, stone and bronze, Bursa,Turkey

2016 All Waters of the Earth Interwine, Bronze and Stone, Germany

2010 Vipassana , Bronze, India. 



2023 Artifex Sculpture Biennale Spain

2023 Odemira Sculpture Symposium Portugal

2023 Musandam Sculpture Forum Omman

2023 Sohar Sculpture Camp, Omman

2023 Tuwaiq Sculpture, Riyad, Saudi Arabia

2022 Buyukcekmece İnternational Stone Sculpture Symposium, Istanbul

2021 Marbel Peak International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Greece

2021 24. Festival des Heures Romantiques, France

2019 International Stone Sculpture Symposium Spaine

2018 International wood sculpture Symposium Izmit, Turkey

2017 International Wood Sculpture Black Forest, Germany

2017 Land of Sculptors, Nicosia , Cyprus

2016  Korca Sculpture Park, Albania

2015  International Marble Sculpture Symposium,Marmara Island, Turkey

2012  I. International The Spirit of Balkan’s Stone Sculpture Symposium, Turkey

2011  Çumra-Çatalhöyük Stone Sculpture Symposium, (Art Director), Turkey

2011  Bandırma International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Turkey

2010  Vadodara International Bronze Sculpture Symposium, India

2009  Unquillo International Wood Sculpture Symposium, Cordoba, Argentina

2008  1st Didyma International Stone Sculpture Symposium, (Art Director), Turkey

2007  Hereke International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Hereke, Turkey

2007  Istanbul Technical University, Stone Sculpture Symposium, Turkey

2006  European Bridges Sculpture Workshop/Bucharest, Romania

2006  Ankara International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Turkey

2002  Mersin International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Turkey

2002  Maltepe. International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Turkey

1999  Samothrace International Plastic Arts Symposium, Greece

1998  Fujino, International Plastic Arts Symposium, Japan

1996  Bothnia Ice Cape-International Ice Sculpture Symposium, Oulu, Finland


2016  61 Days , motion picture, art consultant

2011  The Ramp, Flying Over the Snow, art director and co producer with Turkish Ministry of Culture


2018 Yellow

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